Animal Crossing Pocket Camp’s free storage update gets its release date

Nintendo has announced that Animal Crossing Pocket Camp’s Item Warehouse feature will become free for all players in an upcoming update.

Nintendo announced that Animal Crossing Pocket CampThe Item Warehouse feature will become free for all players in an upcoming update coming out this summer. The Warehouse was originally introduced to the game as part of a paid subscription service for AC Pocket Campproviding players with additional storage space for their items.

pocket campas its name suggests, is a miniaturized version of the animal crossing experience developed for mobile devices. Released in 2017, pocket camp was seen by some as a way to fill the void left by the diminishing entertainment value of the then five-year-old Animal Crossing: New Leaf. In some respects, the animal crossing The formula works well with a mobile adaptation, especially given the shared focus on daily play sessions. However, at the same time, pocket camp attracts some negativity for the strong presence of paid premium features, another mainstay of mobile gaming. Finally, although it has its fans, the game is less popular today than Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


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Faced with strong demand from players to lift some of these bounty-based restrictions, Nintendo has decided to increase the maximum storage space available to all. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp players from June 23. Confirmed in an email to users, this will be done by making the warehouse, a feature part of the premium “Furniture and Fashion Plan” available for free. Nintendo will also provide a retroactive refund due to the change, noting:

“If you are currently or have previously been a subscriber to the Pocket Camp Club Furniture & Fashion package, you will receive Leaf Tickets for the duration of your subscription.”

AC Pocket Camp villagers and items.

Nintendo originally addressed the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp storage issue in January, but at the time did not provide a solid timeline to make the warehouse free-for-all. This was due to fears that a sudden change in inventory limits could severely disrupt a player’s device system and thus threaten its operational stability. Confirmation of the change was welcomed by pocket camp players, although it does not come with Animal Crossing Pocket Campthe 5.0 update of.

Although June is still a while away, the free warehouse storage update is good news for long-time players of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. In particular, it is certain that there will be plenty of free-to-play players pushing the current limits of their inventories, although the promise of Leaf Tickets will be a relief for those who have already paid for warehouse use. In the meantime, players will have to be content with completing their timed daily objectives as usual, knowing that their role as camp manager will soon be a little easier. Quality of life updates like this help give Animal Crossing Pocket Camp remarkable stamina, which could very well carry players through to the release of the next animal crossing game, when it can be.

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