Benchtop Water Quality Analysis Accuracy in Your Pocket Envirotech Online

Myron L.The Ultrapen range of portable water analyzers offer laboratory accuracy while being easy to use and maintain. These portable, wireless instruments are designed for a wide range of demanding water quality analysis applications. Each pocket tester provides simultaneous measurement of temperature as well as a wide choice of other parameters (COND, TDS, salinity, pH, ORP, free chlorine equivalent – FCE™, dissolved oxygen – DO and nitrate – displayed as nitrate, nitrogen or mV.)

The original PT Series instruments offer one-button programmability, measurement and calibration, while the new PTBT Series pair to Android™ or iPhone® Bluetooth® enabled handheld devices allows users simple control of parameters, measurements, calibrations and data reporting tools from the PTBTX2™ Mobile App.

Ultrapens are compact, lightweight and waterproof with fully encapsulated electronics and rugged aircraft aluminum bodies. The pH, ORP, FCE, DO and Nitrate sensors are user replaceable. Special features of individual pens include proprietary conversion algorithms, auto-ranging capabilities, automatic temperature compensation, proprietary sensor design, multiple easy calibration methods, EPA standard method compatibility, and new innovative measures.

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