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In today’s busy world, you’re probably away all day. At some point, your energy level drops and your battery may need a boost. The same goes for your smartphone and devices. While you sip a cup of ice cold drink or hot tea for your “reboot”, let a power bank charge your devices.

When buying a power bank, you might want to check things like the capacity of the device, support for fast charging, and the number of ports it offers. Some devices also have LED battery status indicators.

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Here’s a list of our top picks of the best budget power banks that will definitely fit on your “must buy” list.

Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Dual USB Power Bank V3

Price: Tk. 1,250-1,399/-

The Xiaomi Mi V3 10000mAh is a portable powerhouse that offers high-speed charging. Its aluminum housing has high structural strength that can withstand collisions and impacts, and with an ergonomic 180° arc design, it provides a more secure grip. Smooth anodized finish creates a sweat and corrosion resistant surface. The device is compatible with 5V/2A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A loads. It intelligently adjusts output power up to 18W to provide fast and efficient charging for every connected device. Slim size and LED indicator make it easy to carry.

Baseus Bipow N1PD Power Bank

Price: Tk. 1,099/-

The Baseus Bipow N1PD comes with a maximum charge of 18W. It takes 30 minutes to quickly charge your smartphone to 50%. It supports QC 3.0/HUAWEI FCP/Apple 2.4A fast charging, working smoothly with the full range of USB-C and USB-A phones and tablets, while charging USB-C devices at higher speed. This power bank has 3 types of charging ports, including a Micro-USB charging port. It’s smaller than most 10,000mAh power banks, so it fits in any bag or even a pocket.

TP-Link TL-PB10000 Li-Polymer Power Bank 10000mAh

Price: Tk. 1,450/-

The TL-PB10000 is a high capacity 10000mAh power bank compatible with most of your digital devices. It is thin and light while improving safety. Compared with those using Li-ion batteries, it is smoother and thinner. It has two high-speed smart charging ports that detect connected devices and deliver up to 2.1A of adaptive power output. It is optimized for iOS devices and speeds up to 65% faster than the original Apple charger. The TL-PB10000 can quickly recover from empty capacity to full capacity in 4.8 hours.

Micropack Blazer Lite PB-10KL Power Bank

Price: Tk. 1,050-1,090/-

The Micropack Blazer Lite PB-10KL comes in a compact style black color with a capacity of 10,000 mAh. The LED display and compact design, easy-to-grab portability, and overload protection capability make it a decent choice for budget buyers. It has a dual input and output system and can intelligently identify the current required for each connected device to optimize the fast charging process.

Baseus QPow 3A Digital Display Power Bank

Price: Tk. 1,350-1,500/-

Baseus QPow 3A Digital Display with 10000mAh is designed with iPhone charging cable, giving iPhone users the advantage of not worrying about forgetting to take out the cable. Its two inputs and four outputs support simultaneous powering for multiple devices. The digital LED display allows you to view the battery level in real time. Its practical design and small size allows a comfortable grip. The 3A fast and high current charging option and its sleek design have made it a favorite among budget buyers.

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