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What are the best pocket watches?

Why use a pocket watch when you can check the time with your pocket phone? Why wear a Rolex when a smartwatch has more features and costs a lot less?

Luxury. Elegance. Decadence.

Pocket watches signal to the world that you understand the difference between fashion and function and choose fashion. Don’t pull out an ugly pocket watch and spoil the effect – use the Tissot Savonnette pocket watch. It’s made in Switzerland, comes with an equally stylish chain, and is water and scratch resistant.

What to know before buying a pocket watch


There are a few main types of pocket watches.

  • Traditional the watches are closed. They are usually made from gold or silver or coated with gold or silver. Their designs are usually flat and solid to allow for custom engraving or are pre-engraved.
  • Railway the watches adhere to a strict set of rules that ensure perfect accuracy to avoid collisions with other trains. They are open face, size 16 or 18, use a minimum of 17 gear bearings and are adjusted to operate in temperatures between 34 and 100 degrees.
  • Skeleton the watches proudly display their intricate weaving of gears. This type is usually combined with others.
  • Unisex The watches honor the feminine origins of the pocket watch by being designed for use by either gender, as opposed to the predominantly male-centric designs of today.


A pocket watch has two dimensions worth noting: the movement and the diameter of the case.

  • “Cut” in the product description of a pocket watch refers to the movement, the “motor” of the watch that moves its hands. It can be as small as 000000 or as large as 25 and up. A larger size generally allows for a more accurate watch.
  • Diameter: The case diameter does not need to match the movement, so this measurement is entirely fashionable.

Energy source

Pocket watches are mechanically or quartz powered.

  • Mechanical watches operate their gears using a spring. This spring should be wound by hand approximately once a day.
  • Quartz the watches use a quartz crystal and a battery. The battery sends a signal to the crystal, causing it to vibrate. This vibration is converted into an electrical signal that tells a motor to turn the gears. These watches have fewer parts than mechanical models.


Pocket watches come in either closed or open designs. Until the late 1800s, only closed dials were made, so the watch face was best protected. A train accident in the late 1800s—caused by the conductor’s inability to open his watch and keep to the schedule—led to the need for open dials for railroad watches. Today, it’s usually just a matter of style, as trains use more advanced timing methods and both face types use high-durability materials.

What to Look for in a Quality Pocket Watch


Beyond the dial, the pocket watch materials are divided between the case and the gears.

  • Case are made from metals. Stainless steel is common for its strength and affordability. Bronze, silver and gold anodized metals are also commonly used but can be expensive.
  • gears must be made of non-magnetic metals. Otherwise, any electronic object could generate a magnetic field in the watch, causing it to stop working.


Pocket watch styles can be divided into case and dial.

  • Case the styles are the most varied. The materials used open or closed face, engraving and painted designs are the most common factors in the style.
  • Confront styles are more targeted. It usually depends on the color of the face, the numbers used and the skeleton or not.

How much you can expect to spend on a pocket watch

You can find a pocket watch for less than $20, but the sleeker designs start around $100 and can cost thousands. Reasonable pocket watches are available for $50 to $100.

Pocket Watch FAQs

Should I wear a pocket watch on a chain?

A. Not at all, even if it’s the fashion. It’s also functional, allowing you to remove your watch easily rather than rummaging through your pocket. Most pocket watches come with matching chains, making it easy to experiment with your style and needs and find what works best for you.

How to maintain a pocket watch?

A. It’s relatively simple. Mechanical watches need winding and gears need the occasional drop of watch oil to stay lubricated. Pocket watch repair is intricate and complex, performed only by amateurs or experienced (and expensive) professionals. Keep your watch well maintained to avoid the hassle of repairs.

What is the best pocket watch to buy?

Superior pocket watch

Tissot Savonnette pocket watch

What do you want to know: This Swiss pocket watch is elegant and efficient.

What you will love: It comes with a matching chain, uses quartz power and includes a battery. The exterior and the chain of the watch are made of high quality stainless steel. The face covering, or “crystal”, is made of scratch and chip resistant hesalite acrylic. The watch is water resistant to 30 meters, or just under 100 feet.

What you should consider: It’s a bit expensive. The design is simple and does not leave much room for engraving.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Top pocket watch for the money

Speidel Classic Brushed Satin Engravable Pocket Watch

Speidel Classic Brushed Satin Engravable Pocket Watch

What do you want to know: This budget option is full of customization opportunities.

What you will love: It is available in black or silver exterior and black or blue interior. The exterior is flat and unadorned for easy customization. Pictures can easily be added inside. It uses quartz energy and includes a battery. It has a 30 day money back guarantee.

What you should consider: It contains nickel, a potential allergen. Some consumers were unhappy with the quality of the materials used, especially on the chain, which breaks quickly.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Stuhrling Original Men's Vintage Mechanical Pocket Watch

Stuhrling Original Men’s Vintage Mechanical Pocket Watch

What do you want to know: This open watch is elegant and functional.

What you will love: It is available in a variety of colors and designs. It includes a chain. The back of the watch has a kickstand for display and easy reading. It is powered mechanically. The exclusive Krysterna crystal material is scratch resistant and the stand is made of stainless steel.

What you should consider: It should be rolled up once a day. Some gold versions saw their finish wear off quickly, becoming silver. Some consumers have reported it as too delicate.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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