Bunnings Warehouse worker shares new twist on staff apron pocket saga with new TikTok video

A Bunnings worker has sparked a debate over the actual use of see-through pockets on the front of staff aprons.

Sharing on TikTok, the employee wrote, “Okay…Here’s what the Bunnings cover is really for.”

Watch above: Bunnings worker shares new apron twist

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After shoppers discovered the pockets were used to display the team member’s name tag, the worker said there was another hidden purpose for the clear pockets.

She claimed there was a second “secret compartment” in the pocket which contains a small notepad unique to each Bunnings store.

“Name badge yes, but we have a name pad for each store,” she said in the video.

The Bunnings employee said the pocket also contained a store notebook in a “secret compartment.” Credit: rhiannonsean/TikTok

In the footage, you can see Team Member Bunnings pull out the green notepad from the hidden compartment.

She added: “I’ve worked in probably eight Bunnings stores in my eight years, and I’ve always had one.”

Bunnings fans were excited about the easy-to-miss detail after Australian comedian Luke Donkin popped the question in a recent viral post on TikTok last month.

“Honestly, I have no idea what this pocket is for,” he said.

“I’ve always wanted to put a trail mix in there and then just (move to eat it) throughout the day. But I’d probably be in trouble.

At the time, it was confirmed that the clear pouch was used to hold the staff member’s name badge.

She said the notepads are unique to each Bunnings store. Credit: Rhiannonsean/TikTok

But just when you think you know all there is to know about the front pockets of Bunnings staff aprons, there seems to be yet another twist.

While another worker pointed out that there was yet another secret compartment.

“My apron has three pockets over there…you showed two,” they said.

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