California eliminates reimbursable abortion fees

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As part of the preparation for a possible decision by the United States Supreme Court that could overturn Roe vs. WadeCalifornia eliminated out-of-pocket abortions to make them more “affordable” and “accessible.”

On Tuesday, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the Abortion Accessibility Act (SB 245) into law, which will prevent health insurers from imposing copayments and deductibles for abortions.

Announcing the move, Newsom said:

As states across the nation attempt to set us back by restricting basic reproductive rights, California continues to protect and advance reproductive freedom for all.

The governor believes the law will make access to abortions more affordable, “so that out-of-pocket expenses don’t get in the way of receiving care.”

According to the announcement,

SB 245 prohibits health plans and insurers from imposing a copayment, deductible, or other cost-sharing requirement for abortion and abortion-related services. The legislation also prohibits health plans and insurers from mandating practices for managing the use of covered abortion and abortion-related services.

The nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, praised California lawmakers and the governor for the legislation.

“The elimination of abortion fees for those with private insurance is a major step in California’s commitment to be a state of reproductive freedom, making abortion services more accessible and affordable for all by California,” said the President and CEO of Planned Parenthood. California affiliates Jodi Hicks said in a statement to San Francisco Chronicle.

“SB 245 becoming law means more Californians will be able to access the care they want, when they want it,” Hicks added.

California recognizes abortion as “basic health care” and requires health insurance companies to cover it.

Still, insurance companies often charge “things like co-pays and deductibles that can add an average of $543 to the cost of a medical abortion and $887 to the cost of a procedural abortion, according to an analysis from California. Health Benefits Review Program,” Fox News’ San Diego affiliate reported.

The report notes that while the new law will make abortions cheaper, it will “slightly” increase monthly premiums for patients and their employers.

This makes California the fourth state to eliminate out-of-pocket abortion fees, joining Illinois, Oregon and New York.

The piece is the latest in a series of laws to expand abortion coverage passed during Newsom’s tenure as governor of California.

In 2019, the governor signed a bill allowing Planned Parenthood access to college campuses among young women, who are the abortion industry’s “target consumers.”

Two years later, Newsom tightened restrictions on pro-life protests outside abortion clinics.

Along with Newsom, Democratic lawmakers in the Golden State are seeking to make California the “abortion state.”

In October 2021, Newsom authorized the “California Future of Abortion Council” (CA FAB Council), made up of powerful pro-abortion organizations and advocacy groups. The council is supported by university departments and Newsom’s office itself. Members and supporters include numerous Planned Parenthood California affiliates, ACLU California affiliates, UC Davis Health, Hollywood NOW, Women’s Foundation of California and others.

On December 8, 2021, the council released a blueprint outlining 45 policy recommendations for policymakers “to better prepare California as the threat to abortion rights and access continues to grow.” Proposals include spending money to help abortion clinics hire more staff and funds to reimburse abortion providers for patients who cannot afford to pay, including those who surrender. to California from other states to have an abortion.

The council is particularly threatened by the possibility that Roe vs. Wade could be overturned. The council, demonstrating a shocking ignorance of the US Constitution, asserted that if this happened, “the constitutional right to abortion [would] be taken from millions of people across the country.

To prepare for the arrival of “abortion tourists” in the state, Newsom, among other measures, earmarked up to $20 million to entice medical students to become practicing abortionists.

In one of the latest attempts to turn California into an “abortion sanctuary state,” as Newsom put it in October 2021, California State Senator Nancy Skinner last week proposed a plan bill that would create a fund to help women pay travel expenses to California. abort their children.

According to Skinner’s announcement, his bill, SB 1142, “would establish a first-of-its-kind fund of state and philanthropic dollars that would dramatically increase funding for abortion services for low-income Californians and for out-of-state residents who can come here for an abortion.

California lawmakers introduced as many as 11 bills to expand abortion coverage, as of February 2022.

The Supreme Court should rule in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization on a 15-week abortion ban in Mississippi. If the highest court in the land rules in favor of the case, it will effectively overturn both Roe vs. Wade and Planned Parenthood c. Casey, and prohibit abortion after 15 weeks’ gestation. States like Florida and Arizona have already drafted similar laws. The Missouri bill would ban out-of-state abortions the way Texas has.

As reported by The New American, “At least 12 states have already enacted so-called trigger bans that will instantly ban abortion if the High Court effectively overturns Roe and/or sends the issue back to the states for resolution” in preparation for a post America -Roe.

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