Deep Pocket Drake Partners With Online Gambling Company ‘Stake’ After Betting Over $1 Billion

The 6 God Duck has a new business venture, and it involves gambling – a lot.

After COVID-19 restrictions hit Toronto casinos, Drake participated in online gambling sites like Stake at Home, noted having wagered over a billion since becoming a member on December 28, 2021.

That’s right, billion.

Fans saw user “DeepPockets6” posting his bets with online roulette on his Instagram, having recently bet $1.25 million in Bitcoin. From betting on NBA games to the Los Angeles Rams winning the Super Bowl, the Toronto rapper will partner with virtual gaming site Stake for a live betting event in which all winnings will be given to his fans, recalling his “God’s Plan” music. video.

“It was inevitable. Drake and @stake reunited,” he revealed in a joint Instagram post with Stake on Tuesday. “I will be announcing a date for an upcoming live event where I play to win real money and give it my all because what better way to share the love with my people. Stay tuned for more details .

Since December, by Drake winnings range between $354,000 and $7 million on a single spin of roulette, depending on the exit. He was even spotted playing online roulette while on the field during Toronto Raptors games at Scotiabank Arena. “I had an extra seat for my laptop…maybe too,” he posted on an Instagram story. Besides his pockets, his love for the game runs even deeper.

Although no date has been set for the partnership investment, his promotional video where he is seen vacationing next to his laptop on the Stake website, has garnered almost 2 million views, exciting the fans of this new venture. It certainly seems to be paying off.

Looks like another bag is on the way for the Certified Lover Boy.

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