Diablo Immortal earned over $24 million in first two weeks | Pocket Gamer.biz

Appmagic data revealed that Diablo Immortal garnered over 8.5 million downloads in its first two weeks of release, earning developer Blizzard over $24 million..

The new release means Diablo Immortal has quickly become one of the developer’s most downloaded apps, as well as its second highest earning behind the mobile version of the company’s popular card game, Hearthstone.

The game proved particularly popular in the United States, where users were responsible for 43% of all revenue, with South Korea providing 23%.

Japan, Germany and Canada were responsible for eight percent, six percent and three percent, with the remaining 17 percent of revenue coming from other markets.

iOS and Android revenue split evenly

According to GameDev Reports, revenue is split relatively evenly between the iOS and Android markets, at $13 million and $11.3 million, respectively. Downloads in both markets peaked in the days immediately following the game’s June 2 release, before beginning to decline on June 5.

About 26% of all downloads came from users in the United States, with South Korea again in second place with 11%. Around 8% of all downloads came from Japan and Brazil, with 7% of installs coming from the German market.

Despite the success of the game, it should be noted that the game received mixed reviews from critics and fans. Metacritic lists the iOS version’s user score at 0.3%, although the App Store shows a more favorable rating of 4.5. Activision Blizzard refused to make the game available in Belgium and the Netherlands due to the countries’ strict gambling laws restricting the use of loot boxes in games.

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