Dine out: Have a great family day out at Barton’s Flower Bowl with a crazy pool and tasty meal

The youngest is happiest singing Frozen’s Let It Go over and over while the eldest discovers the joys of what’s on offer behind bars.

Our eight-year-old is crazy about football while Tik Tok has become a full-time hobby for the 13-year-old.

With such a range of different likes and dislikes, where can we spend quality time that suits everyone? (Answers on postcard please).

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The bowl of flowers, Barton

The Flower Bowl at Barton Grange is a place we love for a family treat that makes everyone happy.

We spent many hours of competition playing crazy golf, but we had never eaten at the entertainment center before.

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So a windy Sunday seemed like the perfect time to try out the crazy new pool and an early tea.

Pulled Pork Burger at Blooms Restaurant, The Flower Bowl

Cue Gardens combines pool and mini-golf to create a fast-paced tabletop game that entertained all ages before we were tempted by the VR jungle.

The kids loved their first chance to escape the real world with the 4D virtual reality simulator that took them on a boating adventure to find magic crystals.

All of this exploring created a hearty appetite, so we were pleased there was availability at Blooms Restaurant.

It’s a bright, colorful, and vibrant space with flowers adorning the walls, eye-catching floral stained glass, and even floral-themed restrooms.

Kids chicken goujons, fries and beans

As a fairly large restaurant, the tables are well spaced out so there’s no feeling of being crowded while the booths make private and cozy spaces for small groups.

A friendly member of staff showed us to our table and quickly had a high chair set up and a drink order in hand.

Offering a selection of small plates, pizza pancakes, traditional dishes and signature salads, the menu is not lacking in supply.

There is a Little Bloomers menu which our two youngest chose from. The mozzarella cheese and tomato flatbread (£6.20) and the chicken goujons, chips and beans (£6.20) were large portions and were very popular.

Blooms Restaurant, The Bowl of Flowers

Although I’m not a vegetarian, I love meatless foods and have earned a reputation for being the fruit and veg police in our house – making sure those five days are ticked off.

So there were eye rolls galore from the family when I chose the hot goat cheese, field mushrooms and onion crispbread (£12.40) with sweet potato fries.

But I was happy with my choice, apart from the parchment paper which still stuck to the goat cheese.

A pulled pork burger and chips (£12.40) received rave reviews from the youngest teenager while the mild chicken curry with rice and naan bread (£12.40) was also enjoyed by the clan elder.

Husband opted for the double beef burger and chips (£12.90) with the patties from Honeywell which is a good idea to use local produce.

But it was the desserts – a blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake and a sticky caramel pudding – that proved to be the biggest hit.

Sticky Caramel Pudding

Total bill for six of us plus soft drinks was £83.

And after spotting the new Knickerbockers Glacier on the way out, it won’t be long before we return to the Flower Bowl.

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Julia Bennett

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