EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Character Tier List for March 2022

Pocket galaxy EDENS ZERO is a Roleplay game published by KONAMI. This game is based on the shounen anime/manga series EDENS ZERO. There are not many characters you can play in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy game. You can create a party of three characters using these characters, but sometimes you might have trouble choosing suitable characters. We will help you by providing our EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy tier list of game characters.

For an RPG game, this the game does not use the gacha system to get your characters so for you who get mad at the gacha system because you can’t get the character you want you can feel comfortable in this game. As this is an RPG not gacha, there is hardly any rarity ranking in the game

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Character Tier List for March 2022

This tier list should only be taken as a guide as different strategies and compositions can yield different results for players. This list of levels will be separated into categories S, A, B and C as follows:

Stage Hero
Strong (S) Shiki Granbell,
Rebecca Bluegarden,
Homura Kogetsu,
Although a) Weiss Steiner
Medium (B) Hermit Mio,
witch regret,
Sister Ivry,
Low (C) Joyful,
EM Pino
EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Character Tier List for March 2022

Best Meta Characters for EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy

These are the heroes with the most advantageous stats and abilities in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy in March 2022.

S-tier characters

Shiki Granbell

The main character of the story and the game. He owns strong close-combat ability in hand-to-hand combatwith a full combo of three skills, and upgraded gear, you can deal massive damage to bosses. It also has ether Satan gear Gravity which allows the user to manipulate their personal gravity. In the game, in the attack control, you can see a wing symbol to activate his ether gear, causing him and his allies to levitate in the air.

Rebecca Bluegarden

rebecca bluegarden eden

Shiki’s first human friend, a adventurous girlwith Happy, a robotic cat that can transform into a double gun that she always uses to fight, is a great girl in long range combat. His weapons have a high rate of fire, which will deal continuous damage to his enemies. She is the carrier of ether equipment jumping catwhich, like its name, will give the wearer a drastic boost to their jumping ability, not only that, but their ether gear also gives them enhanced speed and agility.

Homura Kogetsu

homura kogetsu eden pocket zero EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Tier List

A highly qualified samurai girlwielding ether gear soul blade, she can create and use all kinds of blades. With this ether gear, she is one of the strongest characters in EDENS ZERO.

A-level characters

Weiss Steiner

weisz steiner eden zero

In the game, he is depicted as the younger version of Professor Weisz, the one who transformed happiness into a robot. He joined shiki and Rebecca’s team on planet Norma, where he stole a robot from the leader of a criminal gang, Sibir. His ether gear is machine manufacturer, giving him the ability to change and reshape all kinds of machines. It can also recreate all missing machine, android and robot bots.

B-tier characters

All B Tiers in the list have the same stats, all support low combat ability androids.

Hermit Mio

hermit mio eden pocket zero EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Tier List

Hermit Mioknown as Mind of Eden, is an android who has high skills in pprogramming and hacking systems.

witch regret

the witch misses the pocket of eden

Known as Flee from Edenhe is an android who has the ability to shield ether, which allows him to create a hexagonal shield as a defensive gesture.

Sister Ivry

sister ivry eden pocket zero EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Tier List

An android that has the ability to heal. With her healing ether, she uses her ability to heal atomizerwith this, she can heal not only living beings, but she can even heal mechanical things as well.

C-level characters

Tier C on this list is another support character, the difference with Tier B support characters is that these characters will act as additional gear for your main characters.


All eagle-eyed gamers will think and say that this blue cat has the same name and appearance as the ones they see in other Fairy Tail anime. Indeed he does, the difference is in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Happy was once a normal living cat until he suffered injuries and was found by Professor Weisz (old version) and turned into a robot.

happy eden zero pocket galaxy

Happy is Rebecca’s partner and friend, why both? Because in normal state, Happy is just a cute robot cat that talks and plays with Rebecca, but in battle, Happy will use her ability Happy Blasters to transform into twin weapons (you can see it in Rebecca’s photo above) and act as Rebecca’s partner in the fight against enemies.

EM Pino

em pino eden zero pocket galaxy

EM Pino or pino is a small robot with an ability called electromagnetic pulse or PEM to shorten it. This ability can stop any mechanical objects that hit it. Not only machines, but this ability is also capable of disabling enemy ether equipment.

Final Thoughts

The tier list in this game is not actually valid, because from above tier list, we only provide their ability based on their default gear, if you have better gear, the tier will be amended. The characters in this game aren’t that many either, but the list and short explanation above will determine which character you can prioritize to upgrade and level up first.

What do you think of that EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Character Level List? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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