Edgecore Networks Launches New Pocket WFA Solution

Edgecore Networks announced this week the Pocket WFA (Work-from-Anywhere) solution consisting of two phenomenal Edgecore products: the EWS5203 WLAN Gateway Controller and the SP-W2M-AC1200-WFH Wireless Access Point.

The solution aims to provide a plug-and-play, secure, agile and reliable mechanism to support businesses during the pandemic crisis and beyond.

In a world full of uncertainties, it’s all about efficiency and agility. Pocket WFA’s zero-touch configuration feature reduces deployment time from days to minutes. Businesses can quickly deploy remote offices, minimizing downtime at an affordable price. Additionally, the SP-W2M-AC1200-WFH access point is palm-sized and weighs only 82g, so remote workers can easily carry it wherever they work to further ensure productivity. the company.

In addition to this, to provide a seamless working environment, the solution allows remote workers to connect to the same SSID as they would at the office for automatic connection to the corporate VPN, extending corporate services everywhere . With security in mind, the solution supports various user authentication methods that can be easily applied in all deployment scenarios, such as 802.1X authentication, local authentication, and two-factor authentication, ensuring the correct identification of network users before granting access to the network. .

Out-of-the-box possibilities

The Pocket WFA solution can be deployed in various scenarios in multiple ways, such as mobile workgroup teams, branch offices, remote classrooms, and more. Agility and affordability enable new services and business models that are not bound by infrastructure limitations and can embrace limitless possibilities.

The Pocket WFA solution not only helps businesses emerge stronger from the pandemic, but also opens the door to innovative business and service opportunities in the post-pandemic era.

Teng Tai Hsu, vice president of Edgecore Networks
The Pocket WFA solution rises to the challenge, helping businesses and organizations manage workforce changes, such as the urgent need to transition to a remote workforce to protect and empower employees, serve customers and establishing business continuity.

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