Five pocket gadgets to give to your best friend

Life is incomplete without good friends. Whether it’s eating Maggi at 4am at your hostel or taking classes together, friends always make you do all the crazy things in the world.

As International Friendship Day 2022 approaches, you need to look for ideas to make your friend feel special and happier. Carefree. We’ve sorted it all out for you with the best gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on your best friend’s face.

Check out this amazing list of pocket gadgets you can gift your best friend.

1. Wireless Power Bank:

We cannot ignore the fact that we depend on our cell phones for many things. Be it making payments or clicking images, it has become one of the most important things we need to carry wherever we go. However, it is not always possible to wait for it to load. Power banks make this task easier as they are easy to carry. But sometimes it is difficult to connect the perfect wired cable. To improve this thing, you can gift your friend a wireless power bank.

2. Temperature Control Travel Mug:

Gadgets make our lives simpler and easier. As we juggle between work and home, we often lack much-needed nutrients. If your friend is a tea or coffee lover, this is the perfect gift. The temperature control mug won’t let your friend worry about how long it takes to heat it up.

3. Carvaan Mini:

We have friends who love old songs. For such friends, Carvaan Mini can be one of the most suitable gifts. The gadget is readily available on Amazon and Flipkart and is budget-friendly as well. It comes with a collection of songs from a specific singer including Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, etc.

4. Instax Mini Camera:

It is not always possible to keep all the photos on our mobile phones. Sometimes, due to technical error, we are not able to capture the best memories. However, with this Instax mini camera, you can not only click the image, but also get the hard copy as soon as you click the image. With this beautiful gift, your friend can keep all their happy memories safe forever.

5. Decorative lamps:

There are many decorative lamps available online. These lights beautify your room. If your friend is used to buying centerpieces, this can be the perfect gift.

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