Gunfire Reborn Character Tier List


High level

These heroes are recommended for experienced players who have a good understanding of game mechanics. They have a combination of strong stats and powerful abilities. They work well alone and with other heroes.

Qing Yan

This green bird hero is a very solid choice for both solo and team play. You can unlock it by raising your talent to 40. Qing Yan specializes in close combat with his two abilities Leap and Cleave. The former throws it towards enemies to hit them with a powerful kick while the latter is a slashing attack that hits multiple enemies for heavy damage. He has good health and is the second fastest hero overall. Its most interesting mechanic is that it uses armor instead of shields. This means he has to recover through the use of abilities because he doesn’t recharge. However, as long as there are enemies, he can reload his armor repeatedly and instantly. Since Qing Yan is meant for close combat, weapons like shotguns are a safe bet.


This purple bunny is a quick and vicious hero to pick. It is unlocked by spending 400 Soul Essence. Although he has a sword, Tao is a ranged fighter who focuses on high fire and damage rates. His Swords Out ability allows him to summon a mass of swords that fire and veer towards targets. She also has good AoE potential with Fatal Bloom, which creates a targeted explosion that marks enemies. Tao’s health is down, but she has a lot of protection to protect her. His style allows him to be constantly on the offensive to mow down enemies quickly.



These heroes are balanced in terms of performance and access to professional and casual players. Their stats make them strong, so they can take plenty of punishment while shooting and fighting back. Although you can play them solo, they are much more effective with the support of other heroes.

Ao Bai

This big dog is the closest the heroes have to a tank. He is the second hero you will get by unlocking him when your talent reaches 25. Although he has low shields, Ao Bai has the highest health of all heroes in the game. He has a very simple playstyle but effective which is to make the most of the weapons and explosives he has. His main skill, Dual Wield, allows him to use two different weapons at once for varying damage and effects. This is supported by his explosive grenade which is effective in dealing with crowds and crouching enemies.

Qian Sui

This snapping turtle is a difficult and cautious choice. You will need to spend around 600 Soul Essence to unlock it. Qian Sui is another fighter who focuses on melee combat but has lower health stats. Even so, he has the highest shields in the game with a fast recharge rate to keep him in the fight. He can also use Tidal Aspis to wield a forward-facing shield that completely blocks any damage. This allows him to get close to enemies and use Striking Punch to quickly damage enemies in front of him. Along with other heroes in the game, Qian Sui can draw a lot of fire while breaking through the crowd.


lower level

These are heroes that are best played with teammates. Their stats tend to be standard or rather low with abilities that may need some tweaking. If mastered, they can still be solid choices for gameplay.

Heir prince

The face of the game is good to get used to playing. He has balanced stats but suffers from being the slowest hero in the game. Crown Prince is all about using elemental and fusion effects combined with his abilities. He can buy time by using Energy Orb, which freezes enemies caught in his blast. Additionally, Smoke Grenade allows him to leave a corrosive trap to damage advancing enemies. This makes the Crown Prince excellent at stalling, but requires him to have a strong enough weapon to use.

Lei Luo

This white tiger is endowed with power and risk. It is unlocked once you reach your talent to 55. Lei Luo is a long-range precision fighter that requires a steady hand to master. He’s the fastest hero on the roster, but his health is low, which isn’t helped by moderate shields. However, he can boost himself by using Fatal Current to increase his speed and damage. This can affect his Chain Lightning which damages and shocks up to three targets. The way Lei Luo is built makes him more adept at working alongside other heroes so he can take full advantage of his abilities and long range in relative safety.

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