Heartwarming article from an NGO worker on how a man donated for Assam

Harteerath Singh Ahluwalia, the director of the NGO Hemkunt Foundation, took to Twitter on Sunday to share a heartwarming message about a man and his invaluable contribution to flood relief in Assam.

He told how a Delhi airport staff member pulled out all the money he had in his pocket to donate for relief to those affected in the 2022 floods in Assam.

Heartwarming Twitter Post

“Today while we were going to Assam, a young man who works as ground staff at Delhi airport noticed us and the label ‘Assam Relief’ on the boxes we were carrying. He came running towards us, took out all the money he had in his pocket (90rs) and said “Meri taraf se Sewa”, Singh wrote in his Twitter post.

Continuing his tweet in another post, he wrote, “He gave us the biggest ticket he had in his pocket (50rs). I don’t know how he will manage to get home, but he knew the power of himself. pull together in hard times. Lots of people asked me on my IG live yesterday – “How do you keep going? That’s my answer. Power of Sewa!”

Internet hails Delhi airport staff

This tweet quickly went viral with over 9,000 likes. Netizens were amazed by the man’s gesture and praised him. Looked:

Flood situation in Assam

Assam is witnessing the worst floods in recent times which have so far affected around 55 lakh people in 32 districts of the northeastern state.

121 people died in the catastrophic floods till June 25, such is the impact of the calamity in Assam. As the water level is gradually dropping in several parts of the state, the town of Silchar in Cachar district remained submerged even on Monday.

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