i-PRO launches mini pocket AI network camera

i-PRO says the mini network camera is capable of processing large amounts of data quickly, including the ability to run three AI analytics applications simultaneously.

ROLLING MEADOWS, Illinois – i-PRO (formerly known as Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corp. of America) announces its new Mini Network Camera with AI.

The company says its new pocket camera incorporates a full suite of AI analytics capabilities, and the product provides businesses, including retail, with a small-form-factor security camera that protects while providing a overview of the organization.

“The i-PRO mini revolutionizes the traditional compact camera segment by combining a sleek, low-profile design with powerful AI analytics. Business owners can easily leverage their surveillance footage to unlock valuable marketing insights to gain buyer insights,” says Adam Lowenstein, Director of Product Management at i-PRO Americas Inc. “i-PRO mini is truly at the forefront of the next generation of commercial detail. by delivering a powerful, full-featured AI-based smart camera in the smallest package in our industry.”

According to the company, the new mini network camera is part of its S series of products. The company says that thanks to the camera’s compact design, it’s able to blend into a range of environments and thanks to its AI processing, it’s able to quickly process large amounts of data, including the ability to run three AI analytical applications simultaneously.

i-PRO points out that its latest camera’s AI-based detection technologies reduce false alarms and that these technologies help the camera provide important marketing and operational insights. Some of the free scans offered by the Mini Network Camera include people and vehicle detection with the ability to identify color, upper and lower clothing, face detection, and detection without a mask.

The new camera also supports occupancy monitoring and counting, and also includes a privacy protection feature that pixelates individual faces or the entire body to maintain GDPR compliance.

The company also points out that the mini low-profile network camera measures just 4 inches wide by 1.89 inches tall and 0.82 inches deep. i-PRO notes that the camera supports third-party app plugins to enable specialized activities such as inventory monitoring on product shelves.

Additionally, the camera is designed to be quickly configured via a smart device and an optional USB WiFi adapter to display live images during the installation process. Additionally, the camera will remember the angle it was first installed in, and if it has been tampered with, a red LED will light up and it can generate emails to notify users that its position changed.

“i-PRO is the industry leader in providing solutions that require powerful, discrete computing hardware, without the need to compromise between camera size, performance and next-generation business insights. commented Lowenstein. “The new i-PRO mini exemplifies our commitment to constant innovation and our mission to make AI capabilities universally available to the surveillance market.”

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