iSpace2 Pro – Smart DLP Pocket Projector

One-Second Wake-Up, Android 9.0, Intelligent App-Control, 360° Rotating Display, WIFI Connection, Bluetooth Speaker

iSpace2 Pro, the world’s most advanced truly portable projector, launches on Kickstarter today at -digital-dlp-projector?ref=689apz

As a handy projector with improved connectivity, Android 9 operating system, companion app and the ability to download and use other video and streaming apps.

iSpace2 Pro is a miniaturized projector with a circular metal design created for extreme portability. It is a lightweight device that fits in the user’s back pocket. Its Android 9 operating system makes it compatible with other Android devices, and its accompanying eShare app also helps mirror the screens of iPhones and Android phones on the device.

Equipped with a remote control, the projector resembles the user experience of controlling a TV. The device supports a projector mode and a Bluetooth speaker mode, delivering high fidelity 6W inverted tube cavity sound expressed through an immersive sound experience.

iSpace2 Pro can be used with or without its tripod. It can be simply attached by bringing the upper tripod bracket closer to the round sheet metal at the bottom of the main unit. They will be instantly magnetically attached and can be detached by pulling them apart. Once attached, the tripod head will rotate 360 ​​degrees and tilt 90 degrees, providing innovative possibilities for angles to explore.

The device’s automatic intelligent keystone correction requires no adjustment, even if content is displayed diagonally or overhead. As a mini computer using Android 9 system, iSpace2 Pro allows users to download and use multiple applications, namely YouTube and Netflix, creating new possibilities for projecting and watching videos.

iSpace2 Pro uses Texas Instruments DLP Digital Micro-Mirror Display technology, featuring the projection industry’s smallest high-end display integrated chip, projecting with 409,000 pixel quality and NTSC1953 high color gamut . 1080p resolution is supported, 250ANSI Lumens ensures true brightness even during daytime projection, but the device delivers this quality while also using diffuse reflection technology to protect the user’s eyes when viewing. visualization of the projected content.

Rich peripherals are also part of the equation with three ports included: USB, HDMI and Type-C for enhanced connectivity, as well as support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The iSpace2 Pro campaign on Kickstarter at is seeking to raise $100,000 to fund the large-scale production of the projector. Backers who support the campaign get early and discounted access to the product.

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