Magnum Quest: 5 Reasons to Try Tuyoo Games’ Epic Strategy RPG

Strategy RPGs are the perfect genre to dive into when looking for a game that can be enjoyed long-term, and Magnum Quest, with its Dungeon & Dragons-inspired themes, thrilling 5v5 real-time battles, and stunning art design, features all the necessary elements to make this a truly epic strategy RPG.

If you need more convincing, here are 5 reasons to check it out or encourage you to get back into the game.

#1 – Updated and Balanced Game Modes

In its latest update (and not only), the developers have offered a number of quality of life updates intended to make certain game modes much more enjoyable for new and existing players. These updates are rolled out consistently and are not only based on player feedback, but also aim to balance things out whenever a new hero is released.

Therefore, in Magnum Quest you have an ever-changing game where no aspect goes unnoticed, and all feedback contributes to improving the game for its players.

#2 – New Events, Features, and Heroes

New Events

With so many heroes available, there is also the summoning aspect of the game. Well, there’s no better time than now to dive into Magnum Quest, as players can benefit from up to 1000 free summons for a limited time.

This event is time-limited, but don’t worry – there are always new events happening and each grants unique rewards based on player progress.

Adventurer’s Book, for example, is an event where players must collect all the missing pages in the game and return them to the free hero – Hista, and in return they can receive a number of rewards, including the Blooded Feather skin for her .

New features

New features are also making their way into the game, and one of those features is the newly added Forge, where players can use blueprints to craft new gear for heroes or upgrade their existing gear to higher tiers. .


A new hero is here to join the frey – Shael, the master builder is a forest hero who wields offensive red runes and uses his (deadly) bow and arrows to attack enemies. He is also able to break enemy invisibility, making him a great addition to Arena teams.

#3 – New territories to explore

In the latest update, we can also dive into new areas of the world. With 4 new regions unlocked, players can now delve deeper into the story and engage in guild battles that take place on weekends.

#4 – Stunning Visuals

Visuals play an extremely important role in any game, and when it comes to Magnum Quest, it’s a key aspect. 3D animations and high-quality character design make the game more immersive – it’s almost like you can tell what each hero is expressing when they cast a skill. The battles are realistically animated and you can easily tell that there has been a lot of attention to detail in the game’s animation.

From the Hero Index to Arenas and Dungeons, each environment has a unique theme, smooth transition, and everything you’d expect from a high-quality premium game. What’s not to like?

#5 – Idle game: keep progressing even when you’re offline!

Lastly, the game also features an idle aspect where players can still earn resources even when the game is not running. This idle gameplay will come into play more than you think, as you can harvest useful loot to upgrade your heroes even as you go about your daily business.

If you want to try Magnum Quest for yourself, you can download it for free right now from the iOS app store or Google Play Store.

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