Mamiea gets the bill, Constanta resort / After becoming a pocket quarter for hoteliers, beach apartments are sacrificed, while luxury apartment owners vacation elsewhere / Why the wind is blowing on the Romanian coast ( Photo gallery)

More than half of the deckchairs at the Mamaia resort are empty, the parasols are closed, the staff on the terrace are chatting or wandering around looking for potential customers, and road traffic is lighter than ever at this time of year. We are in the middle of summer, and the second weekend of July, Mamiya received the bill.

As the resort transformed into a pocket district of Constanta, hoteliers fell prey to the shadow of dozens of luxury apartments rising over green spaces, rose gardens and even sandy beaches, and restaurants began to lose more and more. Clientele due to the many fast food outlets, grocery stores or supermarkets authorized to operate in the station.

By comparison, the Bulgarian Balchik has no such catering point on the resort promenade to encourage tourists to buy “snacks” and eat all three meals a day at restaurants or resort hotels. stay In Mamiya things didn’t work that way, but from 2000, when Radu Mazare Constanta came to town hall, almost everyone in Mamiya built what they wanted and how they wanted.

Today, two decades later, Mamaia bears the brunt of the harmful policy of the local administration, linked to a seaside resort, transformed into a district with owners of luxury apartments who do not even spend their summer here. In addition to this reason, there are a few explanations for the fact that in the middle of summer the liveliest resort on the coast is deserted.

  • The on-the-ground documentation was carried out by G4Media reporters over the weekend of July 8-10, when Mamiea Resort was once a tourist hotspot, TV news bulletins headlined “Tourists hit the beach Romanian”. . This is the first year that a Romanian television has presented the Romanian coast in this way.

  • Romanians have been forced to vacation on the Romanian coast for two years due to the epidemic

The first explanation is that during the summers of 2020 and 2021, Romanians were forced by circumstances to spend their holidays in the mountains, by the sea or in the delta of our country. For two years they have been “stabbed” in many situations, bad service, unreasonably high prices, salmonella, lehamitis, conditions below expectations or pure Romanian style. The first time the restrictions were completely lifted, the Romanians attacked Egypt, Zanzibar (Africa), Turkey, Bulgaria or Greece, for example, Thassos was “stormed” by the Romanians, as Mamia has already been caught on television). This explains the fact that not only Mamia, but the entire Romanian coast is occupied by tourists more than the expectations of operators. However, the station seems to be the most affected for the 2022 season.

  • In some areas, the beaches extend up to 300 meters

In particular, the seaside resort of Mamiya was immediately affected when the whole beach was extended by 300 meters in some areas thanks to a project financed by 1 billion euros in European money. This investment has a positive impact on coastal erosion for the next half century. However, at present, the consequences of the project (long distance to the water, no fine sand, no visible sea line, etc.) are worrying tourists and Horegas. Tourists who do not want to go from the promenade to the deckchair choose other easy-to-navigate areas between the hotel and the sea. Beach managers use scooters or all-terrain vehicles to transport the orders of customers from the bar to the beach to the deckchair.

  • A day of parking in Mamiya costs around 100 lei

Another measure that has given tourists yet another reason to bypass Mamaia and the Orient, for example to Eforie, is the high cost of one-day parking at the resort. The area is level zero, which means the most expensive in Constanta and it costs 96 lei per day to leave your car in public parking lots. In other words, a family that wants to spend a week in Mamaia will have to pay nearly 700 lei extra for parking. This is why, unlike other years, free parking spaces are available at Mamiya.

  • Update time is 21:38 City Manager of Constanta, Felicia Owenasian, explained to G4Media and Info Sud-Est that the public parking regulations adopted by the local administration include a provision that allows hoteliers to obtain a parking space in exchange for 499 lei/month. Thus, hoteliers can offer free parking spaces to tourists (bearing the price of hoteliers or adding it to the price of accommodation) or parking spaces for almost 17 lei per day instead of 96 lei. Beachcombers. Hoteliers don’t want to use the facility, says Felicia Ovanesian.

  • Prices are unreasonably high / services are poor due to Horeca staff crisis

Very high prices are included in the price of parking, in return tourists can have lunch or dinner at the resort. For example, a small portion of small fries costs more than 40 lei, and a pizza in the northern part of the station reaches 80 lei. However, in the context of the very low number of tourists compared to the years preceding the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more terraces have adapted to the new reality, offering “menu of the day” or “1 + 1 free” or, the new method, “X% off total bill”. As such, Mamiya is much like the resorts of the south coast, known for their culinary offerings aimed at a specific audience. High prices add to the poor quality of services offered to a tourist when visiting a restaurant. The lack of staff training, shyness or boredom of the staff is especially felt when the bill is already high anyway, and the portion of food is small or undercooked. A shortage of skilled workers, a crisis that affects all countries where tourism is an important sector, has brought HORECA traders to their knees. The labor crisis worsened considerably during the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, forcing waiters, waitresses and cooks to redeploy and many of them never returned to their original sectors due to the heavy work physics involved in their work. Relating to ordinary wages and working conditions.

  • Owners of luxury apartments in Mamiya have priority over tourists, see case “200 lei sheet”

Last but not least, in a feature hitherto specific to Mamiya Resort, but closely awaiting the future of Navodari Resort, real estate investors have removed Mamiya’s green spaces and public gardens and replaced them with forests. They offer luxury apartments for sale to owners across the country. As a result, most tourists, especially those who left a lot of money in hotels and restaurants, did not have access to resort accommodation and services and slowly did not walk. up to the maximum in the northern part. On weekends when the clubs are open. Why are the beaches in the luxury part of the resort empty, when they are one of the cleanest and nicest facilities (not the club part, at Mamaia Nord, but the old luxury part, at only 5 stars from Vega, Mamaia, Iaki or Rex hotels). An example of the operators’ attitude towards tourists was recently consummated when a beach administrator publicly admitted to renting a 200 lei sheet to discourage tourists from visiting the luxury beach. Can be disturbed by “strangers”: “Next year we will earn 200 lei / hour for sheets”, joked the person in charge of the beach. G4Media wrote an exclusive on this subject, details here.

Photo credit: Cristian Andrei Leonte / Info Sud-Est

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