Metaverse development must prevent damage, Nick Clegg of Meta | Pocket

Earlier this week, Meta’s Chairman of Global Affairs and former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg shared his thoughts on how the Metaverse will play out and “why it matters.”.

Speaking in the context of Facebook’s rebranding to Meta, Clegg said the Metaverse represents the “next generation” with a more immersive internet experience.

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Current players in metaverse development include Microsoft, Google, Niantic, Roblox and many others, but Clegg believes, “There will be no metaverse Meta-run, just like there is no ‘Microsoft Internet ‘ or ‘Google Internet ‘ today.”

Marking Meta’s first quarterly results for 2022, Reality Labs – the company’s metaverse division – operated with a loss of $2.96 billion in the first quarter of this year.

Clegg highlighted four key priorities for Meta guiding the company’s work:

  • Economic opportunity
  • Privacy
  • Security and integrity
  • Equity and inclusion

While its suggested implications for the metaverse are largely positive – from virtual glasses providing instructions and translating foreign languages, to performing surgeries, to long-distance conversations via a hologram rather than on a screen – Clegg is also concerned about people misusing the metaverse, however, and wants to see steps to minimize potential harm.

Clegg wrote, “The Metaverse is at a critical early stage in its development. […] Just as we have seen how the problems of our physical society have manifested themselves on the Internet, they will reproduce themselves in any system or platform, no matter what it is or who builds it.

“That’s why we need to create thoughtful rules and put in place safeguards as the metaverse grows to maximize its potential for good and minimize potential harm”

He talks about collaboration – that the metaverse should “be developed openly…between the private sector, legislators, civil society, academia” and that “no company can or should control the metaverse.”

Spotify recently echoed its interest in the metaverse by unveiling a partnership with Roblox and launching Spotify Island, marking the first music streaming brand on the platform.

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