Mum £45,000 out of pocket after boyfriend died in his sleep

A single mother says she lost thousands of benefits.

Alice Evans, was devastated after the sudden death of her partner. The mother-of-one lost her partner, Daniel Sillwood in 2014 when he died in his sleep.

Now the mother, who is raising her daughter Imogen alone, has slammed a bizarre law for costing her thousands of dollars. BirminghamLive reports that Alice said she would campaign for a change in the law.

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She said: “When Daniel died he was the breadwinner. We lost the wages he was bringing in. I found myself raising a child and managing the household on my own.”

Bereavement Support Payments were introduced in 2017, replacing Widowed Parent’s Allowance and other payments.

She says she missed out on £45,000 by not being married.

“Daniel was thinking of Imogen’s world and would do anything for her,” she said. “He would come home from his night shift and take her to nursery in the morning, then come home in the evening and cook the meals.

“He was a family oriented person.” She added: “We just never got married. Maybe we would one day – we just didn’t get the chance.”

Nigel Mills, Tory MP for Amber Valley, said: “Change is going to happen and the catch-up payments will be made, it’s just a parliamentary process that needs to be completed. Unfortunately it’s not always as quick as we would all like it.”

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