Neo Geo Pocket version of Mega Man Battle & Fighters just released on Switch

A little confusing, this is a Neo Geo Pocket Color version of two games in one bundle

Mega Man battle and fighters is now available on Switch is not something I ever thought I could say out loud. But given the platform’s massive success, I guess that shouldn’t surprise me.

Thanks to a tip from a reader, it has come to our attention that the game is now available on the eShop for $7.99, without fanfare and without an official announcement from the publisher or Nintendo’s weekly eShop release. This edition is actually an “arrangement” of two games (power battle and the following, power fighters), in the form of a Neo Geo Pocket port. The essentials of the “Power” spinoff: you take on Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass (with Duo as a fourth option in the sequel) against a gauntlet of boss enemies (the series’ robot masters and some endgame bosses), culminating in a confrontation with Wily. There’s even a bit of original story involved (perhaps most famously, an ending with Bass serves as a tenuous link between the classic series and the mega man X chronology)!

In its full arcade form, it’s kind of like a kind of “co-op” fighter, with limited movement, the ability to learn abilities from downed enemies, and a focus on closed-arena battles. Both games span multiple generations, consisting of patterns of Mega Man 1-7.

Mega Man battle and fighters is a unique vision of mega man formula

These two “Power” iterations actually came into being via various “collections” straight from Capcom, which are usually ports of the arcade version. They even both arrived again in digital form thanks to the Capcom Arcade 2nd Stage compilation, which was just launched a few weeks ago. But the Neo Geo Pocket Color version with two games in one is not as widely available.

Oddly enough, it’s also released by SNK on Switch. As a fan, I recommend getting the arcade editions (including via Capcom Arcade 2nd Stage) If anything is possible.

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