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Over the past two years, many things have changed, either permanently or temporarily, for better or for worse. One of the big changes was how we used our home internet services.

For many people before the pandemic, home internet meant surfing the web, answering a few emails, or maybe streaming a show or two. Now, home internet means access to work, school, entertainment and connecting with those we love – and that doesn’t seem likely to change, even if the pandemic ends.

It’s more important than ever to have a good internet connection, so obviously more bandwidth and faster speeds are vital, right?

That’s what the big ISPs would like you to think – but what if more isn’t always better? What if your household doesn’t really need that expensive platinum service?

Well, a new option is here that challenges the status quo. What if you could save money and get what you need without being tied to a restrictive long-term contract? A simple Google search can demonstrate the kind of speed a typical household needs.

Less is more: get what you need and spend less

Enter Babbl Communications. In the East, smaller third-party ISPs have a much larger presence, giving consumers a choice that was simply not available in Western Canada – and that’s what Babbl is here for. change.

For co-founder Greg Scollon, Babbl is a reflection of his own values ​​and west coast upbringing. Growing up on the island means enjoying a special freedom, a freedom that you appreciate more once you leave. Where else can you enjoy almost any outdoor activity any day of the year?

Greg, whose hometown is Campbell River, has lived in Victoria for over 10 years and in Central Island for 14 years. to save people money.

Protect yourself with choice

Babbl can give you premium, reliable internet services at a lower price than big competitors, all without being tied to a contract, and they also offer hassle-free cancellations. “We want to retain our customers and provide some relief from the rising prices we are all experiencing today. Customers can immediately save money by coming to us and hedge against the worry of inflation. It’s modern internet with some of that Vancouver Island independence.

Greg notes, “It’s time to redefine the Internet on Vancouver Island; it is time to adapt it to the values ​​of the island and to our way of life at the local level”.

Why Babbl?

  • find plans to suit your needs, whether it’s streaming video, working from home, or just browsing
  • plans include everything you need to get up and running, including an all-in-one router and Wi-Fi modem
  • easy self-installation on the date you choose
  • contract-free services
  • no worries cancel
  • an affordable option for students or those on a tight budget
  • ideal for those who have adopted streaming services like Netflix, Prime or Disney+
  • moderate internet users

To learn more about Babbl’s home internet plans, visit Contact them here for more information and find them on Facebook here.

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