Patty Mills: Ben Simmons can be an ace in the back pocket of the Brooklyn Nets | NBA News

In Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, the Brooklyn Nets have two hardwood kings, but in Ben Simmons, Patty Mills thinks they have an ace they can play.

In the Play-In Tournament clash against the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier in the week, the Nets needed massive performances from Irving and Durant to secure the win. Against a defensively and offensively powerful locked Boston Celtics team, live on Sky Sports Arena from 8.30pm tonightthey might just need something more.

Mills, Simmons’ compatriot, thinks his fellow Aussie can bring that extra bit that could prove to be a game changer for Brooklyn on the show. The two-time All-Defensive selection could quickly become a showpiece – especially for this end – and after it was revealed that Simmons is working on a return at some point during the first-round series, the Excitement is growing among the Nets fan base that he could make a significant impact.

Veteran point guard Mills, who has a long-standing relationship with Simmons after watching the three-time All-Star grow on and off the court, shares that belief.

“He’s doing everything he can to get back on the floor,” Mills said. Sky Sports NBA. “The ace in our back pocket. Whenever it comes it will be a playing card that everyone will be excited for and welcomed with open arms because we become very powerful with that ace in the back pocket, but at From now on we go about our business and he does everything he can.”

How exactly was the recovery process for Simmons and what did the team do to ensure he fully integrated and could contribute immediately?

“Obviously there’s rehabilitation and all the stuff he does in the physical room, the treatment room,” Mills said. “Then on the pitch too, the plan is being laid out for him on what it looks like. I think more importantly are the conversations he has about where he sees himself in the team and the different parts of the field, defensive and offensive end.

“I think he’s very unique, and that’s what makes us very strong when we get him. I think he’s a unique player, high IQ, great sense of the game, great passer and an incredible defensive player who can keep anyone, so I think for many reasons he will make us better.”

Mills recognizes the need for the team to lock in defensively in the upcoming series and believes the team’s identity for that purpose is closer and closer to being established.

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“I think we’re going in the right direction where we’re trying to be identity,” he added. “The reason for the confidence is that we’ve shown repeatedly throughout games and throughout an individual game where we try to be, so now it’s just about stringing it all together.

“I think we’ve also proven to each other how well we can play defensively, how well we can play on the attacking side and move the ball, and obviously how much talent we have there. Now it’s It’s just about hanging out and having fun and performing and playing with each other and I think that’s the fun part of this band, this team as well and where we’re trying to go.”

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