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The Marquette Inc. Beautification and Restoration Committee does not let minor road works get in the way of beautification and restoration.

Although a Michigan Department of Transportation project on South Front Street prevented the group from planting flowers this year for its annual Petunia Pandemonium, it is taking on a new project: adding color in flower form to Phil Niemisto Pocket Park. along West Washington Street.

The Marquette Downtown Development Authority did not have the staff to properly maintain the park, so they contacted the MBRC, who decided to take over the project.

It’s only a one-season gig for the MBRC, which hopes other bands will come forward to work on the project in the years to come.

Yet it is admirable that the committee, which also does work at Father Marquette Park, sponsors the annual Marquette Garden Tour, and participates in other activities, has decided to add maintenance of Phil Niemisto Pocket Park to its order. of the day this year.

If anyone can do it, MBRC can.

Each year, the colorful flowers of Petunia Pandemonium welcome local and out-of-town travelers to Marquette’s south gate. It is an inviting welcome to the area.

Much smaller and hidden away, however, is the Phil Niemisto Pocket Park, which bears a statue of the park’s late namesake. Niemisto, in addition to washing the windows in the city center, also took care of the park.

Although it is tiny, people along the busy West Washington Street corridor have the opportunity to admire the plants and rest there if they wish.

Sadly, Phil Niemisto is no longer with us, but his garden is a way to keep his spirit alive.

It’s normal for people to make sure the park stays beautiful.

Phil would be proud.

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