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It is widely believed that Lamar Jackson does not have an agent. However, he plays the game as if advised by a skilled negotiator.

At the moment, there is no reason for him to rush to sign a new contract. He can sit back and watch the quarterback market develop and lately things have been going perfectly for Lamar as he tries to resist the temptation to sport a Cheshire Cat smile. Lamar’s patience or avoidance of his contract situation (take your pick) worked to his advantage. Apparently he now holds a pair of pocket ace.

As an observer, Lamar has witnessed the following signings over the past week:

• Aaron Rodgers: 3 years, $150 millionfully GTD
• Kirk Cousins: 1 year extension, $35 million GDT
• Matt Stafford: 4 years, $160 million, $120 million GDT
• Deshaun Watson: 5 years, $235 million fully GTD

Derek Carr, Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson are other quarterbacks who will demand and command huge contracts. And with Wilson’s huge leverage, given everything the Broncos have given away in the Seattle trade, you’d think Watson’s deal is the starting point for talks of a new contract for the 9. both Pro Bowler and former Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year. .

The same can be said for Lamar.

We’ve all heard and read the criticism leveled at the Ravens’ front office for not getting a deal with Lamar before widespread quarterback panic set in. But it takes two to tango. How can you expect a successful negotiation if one of the parties doesn’t engage – doesn’t return the phone calls? Lamar, by all accounts, just isn’t interested in discussing his contract – yet!

And at this point, Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta should remove Lamar from his iPhone favorites for now and discuss the ghosting extension with Lamar about how Lamar ghosts him. Let Lamar play for his big payday – to shut up. And maybe that’s why the 2019 NFL MVP has remained silent. Perhaps he understands that 2021 has been a bad season and he doesn’t want his future salary to be based on what many believe was a second-half aberration last campaign. There are simply too many troubling elements in the negotiations for time to cast a more focused lens on. Lamar is just not going in the right direction.

• Assist rating increased from 113.3 (2019) to 93.3 (2020) to 87.0 (2021)
• Ruling yards increased from 1,206 (2019) to 1,005 (2020) to 767
• Total number of touchdowns increased from 43 (2019) to 33 (2020) to 23 (2021)

Injuries have obviously played a role in the team’s performance in 2021. This clearly needs to be taken into consideration when evaluating Lamar. Still, injuries and illness kept Jackson sidelined for five games, four of them due to an ankle injury sustained as he tried to escape pressure from Browns LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah. And given Lamar’s style of play, injuries are arguably a bigger factor for him than most quarterbacks.

Even before his injury, Jackson didn’t seem as explosive as in previous seasons. Many questioned his ill-advised turn in the end zone against the Chiefs and wondered if the team kept a hip injury downstairs preventing him from unleashing his massive physical tools.

This is an extremely difficult situation for DeCosta. But the safest thing to do is to just let things play out. That seems to be what Lamar wants, so let it be. Let him prove he’s worth over $235 million in guaranteed money. Since that’s likely the starting point for negotiations thanks to the Cleveland Browns’ madness, it’s time to let Lamar win it. If he goes out and puts on a season like he did in 2019, pay the man! That said, if his demands get too outrageous, the Ravens have the franchise card to play at their disposal. He can play under the tag or DeCosta can trade him.

After all, money isn’t the only thing growing in this quarterback market. Teams that trade franchise quarterbacks enjoy bountiful returns.

DeCosta has proven to be a skilled negotiator himself.

And maybe he has the other two aces in the game.

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