Pocket Build now available on Apple Arcade (seriously)

Pocket Build open-world simulation game is now available, fully unlocked, for apple arcade the subscribers. In the game, you can create your own world – realistic, fantasy or a mix of both – from scratch. Raise farms, build monuments, houses, castles and fill your world with animals and people. If you’re not an Apple Arcade subscriber, Pocket Build is available in the App Store for $1.

When you choose Create a new world in the game, you can choose between a completely blank slate, a very small piece of land, a lot of empty land, or a pre-made city. Name your world and get started by tapping the Build button in the lower right corner of your screen.

The Build button opens up a massive menu to get you started. You can choose from weekly featured items, terrain (this is especially useful if you started with a blank slate), fences, houses, boats, ruins, people, animals, and monsters. Everything is unlocked, so you can choose different colors, styles and extras to create a place all your own. The game is set to a cheerful soundtrack which makes it a relaxing experience.

At any time, you can start a new world or work on the one you’ve already started by tapping on your city name in the top left of your screen. You can also download and explore featured worlds that other users have created.

Fans of Apple Arcade’s The Outlanders and Mini Motorways, as well as Minecraft and The Sims, will enjoy this game.

If you want to try Apple Arcade, you can get a three-month free trial when you buy a new device, or a free month if you’re signing up for the first time. Open the App Store and tap the joystick icon at the bottom of the screen to launch the service.

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