Pocket chess set you’ll really want to own

Whether you are a chess veteran or just beginning your chess journey, having the right chess set is essential. Elite tournament-level chess games (including the iconic World Championship Chess game) offer plenty of great options for tabletop play, but there’s next to nothing in the chess games category. travel or pocket chess.

Pocket Chess Set by World Chess

World Chess has developed a new pocket chess set that fits in your pocket, just like a wallet (remember that?). Yet it is a pleasure to play with. The size, while designed for travel, gives players an idea of ​​the board and can hold serious game.

The game was somehow inspired by grandmaster Daniil Dubov, who complained that there were no decent travel chess sets and he even buys several substandard ones every time he sees them for sale, simply because he needs them for gifts and to use them himself. .

The set is made of natural leather and magnets hold the pieces in place. The set is foldable and can be kept in a personalized leather pouch with a World Chess stamped hexagon. The set, just like the other official deluxe sets, has additional queens. The shape of the parts is the same as on (https://chessarena.com/ FIDE Online Arena)), the official FIDE Online gaming platform. The rooms were designed by Bureau Gorbunov.

Overall size — 136 mm, square size — 17 mm. The playing area and the pieces have been treated with a protective surface. We recommend that the board and parts be kept in the pockets provided. With frequent use the chess set acquires a patina and the best way to care for your pocket chess set is to use it.

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