Pocket Network Launches Triforce Community Initiative

Web3 infrastructure project, Pocket Network today announced the launch of TriForce, an initiative to support the growth of blockchain communities.

TriForce engages and empowers blockchain communities to be part of Pocket Network’s growth trajectory while strengthening community bonds between supported blockchains.

“Web3 is built on a foundation of open standards. As the Internet moves away from the top-down model synonymous with Web2, community-centric models for project management, cash monitoring, and key decision-making have grown in importance. Pocket’s TriForce program aligns with this narrative, supporting the open discourse and popular engagement that is a pillar of Web3,” said Michael O’Rourke, CEO of Pocket Network.

Each TriForce consists of three components, collectively known as “fragments”. This three-pronged support program will ultimately give communities the tools to thrive and grow stronger. Blockchain communities can get involved in the following areas; Marketing, business development, DevOps/technical.

Pocket Network, a blockchain data ecosystem for Web3 applications, is a platform designed for applications that uses cost-effective economics to coordinate and distribute data at scale. With Pocket, the use of blockchains can be simply integrated into websites, mobile apps, IoT and more, giving developers the freedom to put blockchain-enabled apps in the “pocket” of every mainstream consumer. audience.

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