Pocket Network: Web 3.0’s Pocket Network processes more than a billion relays per day

New Delhi: Pocket Network, a relay infrastructure middleware protocol, successfully processed a record number of relays, approaching the benchmark of one billion per day. Pocket Network provides abundant blockchain bandwidth from a globally distributed network of over 40,000 full nodes to Web3 applications on 37 blockchains.

The number of relays has doubled in recent weeks and the average is around one billion relays per day, ten times more than the daily average of November 2021. In the past week alone, Pocket has had more relays than the whole December.

“Robust blockchains require robust decentralized infrastructure, and we are pleased to be able to meet the demands of growing blockchain ecosystems,” said Michael O’Rourke, CEO and Founder of Pocket Network.

“Relays drive the growth of our comprehensive node infrastructure, which in turn creates a more resilient and secure network,” he added.

New blockchains and app integrations continue to transition to the decentralized global infrastructure provided by Pocket. Harmony and Polygon alone drive millions of Relays on Pocket.

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