Specially designed pocket files

Specially designed pocket files

Pocket files are frequently used in many offices or businesses today. It is important both for editing various files and documents and for advertising the company concerned. Especially for advertising purposes, many companies prefer pocket files. You can introduce your business to more people with pocket file prints offered to customers. Considered in this regard pocket file printing It can be a very useful and aesthetic advertising tool. Broşür.com.tr is one of the companies that provides the most organized printing service in this field.

The Broşür.com.tr company has progressed very prestigiously in the period from 2000 to the present day. The content of the products it offers to its customers also attracts a lot of attention. In particular, it is highly praised for offering the kind of print and print services that brands and businesses need the most. Moreover, the Broşür.com.tr company offers its products to its customers at the most affordable prices. In this context, a special design pocket folder You can see the prints.

Quality pocket file prints with Broşür.com.tr

In general, pocket file printing is one of the printing products that continues to be widely used from yesterday to today. It is possible to protect any document or document by placing it in it. It is mainly used by companies placing their own brands or logos. Thus, a natural advertising formation is also ensured. Since it is a frequently preferred product by people, pocket file printing continues to attract attention. In addition, Broşür.com.tr company also offers its customers a special design alternative for pocket file printing.

Any design or print template you request is used in pocket file products. In this way, you can get a pocket file printing service of the design you want. As part of Broşür.com.tr, you can get the most out of these products.

Pocket file printing functions,

Pocket file prints are curious about the characteristics of the customers involved. Especially since the dimensions of the products are presented in a standard way, it is also a matter of curiosity what the dimensions are. Please note that pocket file prints are cut to 23cm x 33cm. Then the desired design is completed with a print on the product. In this way, it is possible to create product orders of 100 to 1000 products. If you wish, you can contact company employees to order more products.

Among the features of the product there is also the trigromy printing. Providing the ability to print in color also ensures customer satisfaction. However, the pocketed part of the folder is adhesively laid. Pocket file printing with matte cellophane is done on 350 grams matte glossy paper. With all these features, pocket file printing can be used for various purposes for a long time. In this context, the Broşür.com.tr company is also in the center of attention with the printing service it offers.

Pocket File Printing Pricing

Due to changing market prices pocket file prices It is also part of the asking prices. It should be noted that the prices for pocket file printing offered within the company are quite affordable. It is possible to order up to 100 pieces of minimum 1000 pocket binder products. In addition, the prices include the value of VAT.

By going directly to Broşür.com.tr, you can order pocket file printing in any quantity. In this process, it is important that you share with your employees what kind of design you want the product to be. After adding the product to the basket, you only need to transfer the details that are requested of you. Thus, your order for the design and quantity of product you want is completed in a short time and delivered to your address.

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