Sunshine List: Overtime sees Sudbury medical officer pocket $800,000 in 2021

Dr. Penny Sutcliffe has earned over $500,000 in overtime over the past two years

According to the public sector wage disclosure known as the Sunshine List, Public Health Sudbury & Districts’ Medical Officer of Health earned over $800,000 in 2021, a figure that includes over $200,000 in overtime as of 2020 and over $260,000 in overtime for 2021.

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Ontario released the 2021 public sector wage disclosure on Friday. It tracks publicly paid individuals who earn more than $100,000 in any given year.

Public Health Sudbury has issued a press release to explain Dr. Penny Sutcliffe’s massive gains.

“We had been looking for an Associate Medical Officer of Health for some time, and this position remained vacant throughout the pandemic. Our Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Penny Sutcliffe, has been our steadfast leader throughout this emergency, having herself held the equivalent of more than two positions for two years,” said the Chairman of the Board of Health Public Sudbury, René Lapierre.

“Dr. Sutcliffe’s salary disclosure includes these facts, but also includes overtime from 2020 that was only paid in 2021. Of Dr. Sutcliffe’s disclosure, $219,000 relates to overtime worked in 2020, but not paid until 2021, and an additional $263,000 is related to overtime worked and paid in 2021.

The statement further said that public health employees worked 61,559 overtime hours (the workload equivalent to nearly 34 full-time positions) “under extremely stressful and constantly changing conditions.”

“The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has required our public health team to work at unprecedented levels,” Lapierre said.

At Health Sciences North, more than 250 registered nurses were included in the 2021 public sector wage disclosure.

Greater Sudbury Hospital had 565 people on the list, compared to 713 people last year.

Chairman and CEO Dominic Giroux was the top earner, taking home $368,947, plus $12,812 in taxable benefits.

The second highest earner was Mark Henderson, director of cardiology at the hospital, who won $299,999, followed by Mark Hartman, senior vice president of patient experience and digital transformation, who won $280,986. , plus $647 in taxable benefits.

At the Northern Health Sciences Research Institute, lead researcher Hoyun Lee won $368,957. Scientific Director Dr. Janet McElhaney, who died in October 2021, won $223,935.

And at St. Joseph’s Continuing Care, CEO Jo-Anne Palkovits won $250,130, including $6,016 in taxable income.

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