Terramorphers, a brand new tactical strategy RPG, has launched for Android

Developer Unibyte Studios announced its latest project, a turn-based tactical RPG titled Terramorphers and it’s available now. Players will take on the role of their chosen hero as they battle in various arenas and fully customize their build from scratch by mixing and matching skills, companions, gear, and even pets to create their own. own unique style of play.

The story of Terramorphers is relatively simple, as it basically takes place in an arena that was set up by the four Gods of Creation, who gathered all the best fighters from the multiverse to fight for glory and immeasurable wealth. . You, of course, assume the role of one of these fighters and use your custom build to earn said glory.

As heroes, you will fight in different game types to experience all that Terramorphers has to offer. First, you have Adventure Mode, which will allow you to use controllable companions to aid you in battle against a wide variety of opponents to earn more gear and level up points. Then you have the Tower of Power, which is the challenge mode that will require you to effectively use all of your skills to win a bunch of very tough battles. And finally, there is also a PvP mode, where you will compete against other players and see who is best placed.

In terms of gameplay, this is a turn-based tactical RPG, so consider games like Fire Emblem: Heroes Where Final Fantasy Tactics. You’ll issue direct orders to your character and use a wide variety of skills as well as strategic positioning, ability knowledge, counter selection, and effective management of your moves per turn to emerge victorious.

If all this sounds good to you, you can install Terramorphers for free on google play at present. Currently, there’s no word on an iOS release, but you can stay tuned to the Unibytes Studios website for any updates on that.

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