The mini projector that could turn your smartphone into a small pocket cinema: Wanbo T6 Max

Wanbo T6 Max is offered today on TomTop for just 295.34 with shipping from China. It is a very interesting product, especially for the user who needs a solution to project the image of his smartphone on the wall, with diagonals up to a maximum of 200″ in Full HD resolution.

Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, or game consoles (via HDMI), Wanbo T6 Max internally implements the Android operating system. It can be used to project your mobile phone screen on the wall, and compatible with many applications such as YouTube, Netflix, or even Facebook, Amazon Prime Video, or even Chrome. The transportable system thanks to its compact dimensions, and it is possible to intervene on the keystone correction with possible variations of + or – 40. At a distance of about 1.3 meters from the wall it projects an image of about 50 inches, while moving 7 meters from the wall you can obtain an image of 200W

It works in 16:9 format with a brightness of 550 lumens and also implements 2.5 W speakers for audio reproduction. For source connection, it can take advantage of Wi-Fi (both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and also supports Bluetooth. It is recommended to use it in low light environments to have the best possible performance. The original packaging also includes a remote control for the remote control.

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