The Pocket strikes a chord in the Keswick scene

For a young musician who brings an undeniable love for all things music to the town of Keswick, the opportunity to run a bar makes for quite a dreamlike scenario.

Kerry Regan, who is in her early twenties, has made her dream come true as she is well into her first year at the helm of popular joint, The Pocket.

The niche and perfectly located bar and cafe on Lake Road offers thin crust pizzas, soups, cocktails, local and Belgian beers, but also keeps the town entertained as it offers a variety of music, including mic nights open; DJs; reggae; vinyl and folk sessions.

For Kerry, who only graduated from Newcastle University last year while studying music, said she was delighted to see it all come to fruition – although she may be be a little more manic than expected.

Kerry at the opening of her bar on Lake Road

“I’ve always wanted to create a space for music in Keswick, and that’s what we try to do with live music nights three nights a week.

“I used to play a lot when I was younger in Keswick so I always wanted to see the area become a bit more of a music hub. There were nights I wanted to see happen. in the city, so I did it myself, it really creates a beautiful space for locals to come together, showcase our work and help each other.

“It was always a dream all the way, I just didn’t think it would have happened so quickly,” she said.

Kerry, who previously worked in the bar when it was previously called Magnolia, jumped at the chance last September to onboard her.

“It’s pretty continuous right now, but that’s how it should be for the first year, I guess. I have a really amazing team of staff, which really helps.

“The community is so big and supportive, not just the locals but also other businesses – it’s a beautiful connection we all have with each other and we help each other out when we can. The support has been amazing so much from customer side than other companies,” she says.

The bar, which recently achieved its five-star food safety rating, is open seven days a week from 11am and you’ll be sure to be greeted with smiles and a warm welcome and even the chance to see Kerry herself take the stage.

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