This New Pocket Power Bank Is The Best I’ve Ever Tested

If you’re like me and carry a lot of tech with you, you’ll soon need a power bank. And they’ve come a long way from the early days of bulky, slow, underpowered devices that could barely charge a modern smartwatch, let alone a laptop.

Representing how far they’ve come, the Excitrus 100W Magnetic Wireless Charger is the pinnacle of portable power, and it’s packed with so many features you’ll soon wonder what you ever did without it.


Truth be told, it’s not quite small. It feels good in the hand, thanks to its fabric covering, but it’s quite heavy and its functionality makes it quite a bulky device.

But the headline feature is a wireless charger, which powers any compatible smartphone at up to 15 watts, and its soft surface is the perfect size for even the bulkiest handsets.

Not only that, but, as the name suggests, this wireless charging pad is embedded with a powerful magnet, which can hold compatible phones securely while they’re being charged.

And that’s a good thing, because the Excitrus Power Bank bundles into a massive 20,800mAh battery. When you consider that an iPhone 13 Pro has around 3,000mAh, that gives an impression of how powerful it is.

Thus, charging power-hungry devices is no problem. Even charging smartphones multiple times won’t see it sweat.

It gets better than that, though. Modern smartphones are capable of charging up to around 60 watts, so the Excitrus packs more than enough punch to deliver on that – and more. One of its USB outputs can output a remarkable 100 watts. It will even accept a load of up to 60 watts.

All of this means it’s not only more powerful than you strictly need, it’s also future-proof.

That’s saying a lot for a device when the technology it supports will need to catch up, but that’s certainly the case here.

It even has a small digital display on one side, which gives a clear reading in percentage terms. No arbitrary bar charts here, thankfully.

Disadvantages? No, I’m having trouble finding any. Some may balk at the current price of £78, but I’d ask them to offer anything equally capable for a similar price.

Sure, you can get 20,000+ mAh batteries for half the price, but try to find one that offers so many features in such an attractive package. It’s a five-star device in every way.

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