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TX-6: Meet Teenage Engineering’s ultra-portable battery-powered mixer and multi-channel audio interface with built-in synthesis, sequencing, guitar tuner and effects. The TX-6 is available now, priced at 1200 euros. Learn more about this truly unique digital audio gear…

TX-6 Teen Engineering

I think the TX-6 does a much better job of embodying Teenage Engineering products and brand identity than fancy designer bags. Instead, the TX-6 is a swanky designer audio interface – and I’m only half kidding. Looking at all the features so cleverly packed into a unit recognizable by Teenage Engineering, I can’t help but feel genuine awe. It takes something more to achieve the kind of synergy of design, engineering and music that gave birth to this unit.

In fact, it is a Ultra-portable 32-bit, 48 kHz audio interface. He also has the ability to mix 6 input channels using the surface buttons to compose a 3-band EQ and compressor for each channel. That, or the knobs can serve as customizable shortcuts.

But wait, there’s more! The TX–6 also has a built-in synthesizer with 4 oscillator waveforms, 4 synthesized drum sounds and a sequencer with tempo synchronization. There is on board send effects such as reverb, chorus and delay, as well as creative effects (freeze, band, filter and distortion). You can also use a guitar tuner. This and other aspects of the interface’s operation are visualized on a monochrome LED display.

With CORN compatibility, you can even use the TX-6 as a wireless controller for other BLE MIDI devices, or trigger and sync the internal synthesizer and sequencer from external sources. It’s just crazy! Finally, the rechargeable battery means the whole thing can run for up to 8 hours per charge. The TX-6 connects to computers and iOS devices (it’s MFi certified) via USB-C.

As for the chassis, the enclosure is CNC machined aluminum with 2k casting while the encoders, faders and thin cables are all custom made. The interface has no microphone preamps, only 3.5mm input and output jacks. With an interface of this size, drop cables and adapters are up to the task.

Price and availability

The TX-6 and a selection of accessories are available now from the Teenage Engineering website. The interface costs 1200 euros.

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