Words with Friends and Age of Empires Developers Launch Web3 Game Franchise | Pocket Gamer.biz

Playful Studios announced the formation of a new Web3 franchise, the Wildcard Alliance, and raised $46 million in a Series A led by crypto and Web3 advocate Paradigm, with additional backing from Griffin Gaming Partners and Sabrina Hahn.

Wildcard – a hybrid of MOBA, real-time strategy and collectible card game with live audience elements – is the brainchild of CEO and co-founder Paul Bettner, who previously developed Lucky’s Tale, Age of Empires and, alongside his brother David, co-created Words with Friends.

Wildcard to use Etherium for environmental reasons

“Web3 platforms offer a tremendous opportunity to create entertainment that can include, empower and onboard millions of new players,” Bettner said. “Despite this opportunity, the current focus of Web3 game development tends to be on finance over fun, economics over engagement, currency over community. on fun, creating a next-generation “spectator sport” to welcome the entire community of competitors, collectors, sponsors and fans to play together.

“What distinguishes Wildcard is the accent on quality and pleasure,” said Dave White, research partner at Paradigm. “Paul and the team have a proven track record of creating games that are fun at the edge of possibility, and they use Web3 technology in truly innovative ways to bring openness and accessibility to proven esports mechanics.
Wildcard will be powered by Etherium scaling and infrastructure development platform Polygon, chosen for its purported focus on improving the carbon footprint of crypto.

In 2020, Playful Studios considerably reduced their full -time staff in order to create “a more rationalized production”.

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