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Hello everyone and welcome to the week! It’s time again to look back at the remarkable updates of the last seven days. It’s another good mix today of Apple Arcade games, free stuff, and a paid game or two. Certainly enough to start your week, if you’re inclined to start your week that way. I guess there is some routine, similar to reading the family circus in the morning before work. You know you’re not going to laugh and it’s certainly not very interesting, but you don’t feel good leaving without doing it. Oh my God, I’m still rambling. Anyway, updates. They are here. Of course, you can keep an eye out for updates yourself by participating in the TouchArcade forums. This weekly summary is just here to fill you in on things you might have missed. Let’s go for that!

Zen pinball evening,

Zen pinball evening got another update, and as you’d expect, that’s largely about adding another table to the mix. It’s another Williams table, and it’s a very good table. Black Rose has a pirate theme, its main feature being the cannon ramp running down the middle. A solid if not necessarily spectacular layout that uses its theme very well, and should fit well into the overall lineup of this Apple Arcade collection. It always feels good to sink the ship. Try it yourself!

The Sims™ MobileFree Check us out The Sims Mobile again and see what happens with it. Some sort of event, apparently. Festival Season Briny Night is what they call it. If you’re a pass holder, you can visit Catarina Lynx’s house, and I imagine regular players will know why that’s a desirable thing. The Go Glamorous Sweet Treat Showdown lets you savor exquisite desserts and designs, and the Camp Sunshine Scavenger Hunt will give you brilliant rewards. Not bad not bad.

Pocket construction, $0.99 This update applies to both the regular paid version of Pocket Build and the Apple Arcade Pocket Build+ version. It’s all about cats. Well, cats and bug fixes. Sometimes a chat can fix a bug issue, by the way. Anyway, this latest version has cats, including tigers and lions, which are the most biting cats. It also fixes the bugs I mentioned, along with the still-present performance improvements and UI tweaks. So yes, if your masterpiece was only missing a tiger… congratulations, you have reached Lucky Bingo.

Jetpack rideFree Yeah, Jetpack ride is again cycling events. We just had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles event, and now the ghost hunters the event is back. It’s fun, so I guess it’s not that bad. This time there are a few Life after death content, including a Grooberson costume, a Muncher Jetpack, a Life after death Ecto-1 vehicle and two new backgrounds. Beyond that, it’s the usual mix of goodies, like the Dr. Barry Buster suit, Proton Pack, and more. But hey, isn’t it everything do you want to be Grooberson?

Gear.Club Stradale,

Gear.Club Stradale gets its first update after its Apple Arcade launch, and it sets the tone for what we can probably expect in the future. There’s a new feature called Super Carta Stradale and a few new cars to try and get your hands on. Other than that, we have some UI additions and improvements, with a new module to keep you up to date with the latest news and some tweaks to dealer rotations. Perhaps most important, if somewhat invisible, is a large number of bugfixes. Such things are often needed after games launch, and we the general public get the chance to break them in all sorts of unforeseen ways.

Temple Run: Adventure & Puzzle, I would call this the mandatory update of the free matching puzzle game for the week, but we have another one in the list that is completely free. Well, nothing in the rules says I can’t have two. In fact, all he’s saying here is that a dog can’t play basketball. ask yourself why it is the? Either way, sixty new puzzles to solve. Isn’t it nice? You also get new tournaments and a new feature called Mirror Stories which will give you a fun little adventure every month.

Subway surfersFree It’s official: Subway surfers is Ten years old. Yes, the time span between its initial release and today is now equal to the time span between its release date and that of Britney’s Dance Beat for PlayStation 2. Time passes strangely. Anyway, to celebrate this event, the children traveled through the Copenhagen of the future. Yes, they time travel now, deal with it. Surf with Super Runner Jake in the new Super Runner Staged Challenge, rock the new Super Surfer Board, and enjoy events, giveaways, offers, and more. As a special birthday present, and to remind me Britney’s Dance Beati think i will give this game the coveted UMMSotW reward for this week.

Assassin’s Creed RebellionFree While researching this entry, I discovered that Assassin’s Creed: Unity apparently got a re-evaluation after all of its weird bugs were fixed. It’s nice to see a happy ending I guess, but it totally ruins the joke I was going to make here. This update adds Arno Dorian, the protagonist of Unity, At the game. I was going to make a whole thing about the fact that no one asked for it, but I can’t say that anymore in good or even bad faith. In conclusion: fans of Unitycome get your man.

Toy explosion, Free Alright, now comes the mandatory free association puzzle update for the week. It is Toy explosionbecause including a Blast the game is practically a meme at this point. A meme in my mind. A convenience meme. I’m stuck with this meme thing, hope you understand. There’s not much to say here other than that there are fifty new levels to play, with some sort of loose Barcelona setting connecting them. Alright, that seems like enough text. Let’s move on.

A.F.K. ArenaFree Guess I’ll wrap this time up by taking a look at the latest from the ever-reliable A.F.K. Arena. It is, after all, the best RPG for Busy Me. very busy version of me right now, no doubt. There’s a new Hypogean hero in the form of Vyloris – The Deceitful Demoness, and she gets the usual Bountiful Trials and Test Set that all new characters get. A new event has been added called Treasure Scramble where you will play the role of a treasure hunter in unknown lands. Other additions include a new campaign chapter, a new save image option, and a few other events.

That’s about it for the important updates for the past week. I’m sure I missed a few, so feel free to comment below and let everyone know if you think anything should be mentioned. As usual, major updates will likely have their own news throughout this week, and I’ll be back next Monday to recap and fill in the blanks. Have a good week!

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