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The past decade has seen Turkey rise to prominence in the mobile gaming industry and we have seen the country cement its position as one of the world’s leading mobile gaming markets.

In fact, according to a list of the top 100 Internet companies in the country in 2021 by Fast Company, mobile game companies are among the highest earning in the country.

Surprisingly, the three highest-earning mobile games in the country are all subsidiaries of US mobile game publisher Zynga: Peak Games, Rollic and Gram Games.

The top-ranked mobile games company on the list was Peak Games, with annual revenues of between eight and nine billion Turkish liras last year. Although Peak Games ranked 12and on the overall list, it fell from ninth place in 2021.

Best known for its casual puzzle games Toy Blast and Toon Blast, Zynga acquired Peak Games in August 2020 for a total of $1.85 billion.

Zynga’s eye for talent

Rollic placed 13and on the list with an annual turnover of between 4 and 4.5 billion Turkish liras, rising from 20th place the previous year. Best known for Hair Challenge, High Heels and Tangle Master 3D, Zynga acquired hypercasual developer Rollic in October 2020 for $180 million.

Gram Games generated between 3 and 3.5 billion Turkish liras, retaining its title of 14and place on the top 100 list. Best known for its fusion titles, such as Merge Dragons, Zynga paid $250 million for Gram Games in May 2018. At the time, Zynga CEO Frank Gibeau told PocketGamer.biz why the acquisition made sense to Zynga.

With Zynga now on track to be acquired by Take Two Interactive for $12.7 billion, these three mobile studios will once again fall under new management, which could lead to higher positions next year.

Zynga subsidiaries weren’t the only Turkish mobile game companies on the list and other companies that made the cut included Good Job Games, Gamegos and Narcade, in 60s.and84andand 87andrespectively.

We recently analyzed how in recent years, despite a struggling economy, Turkey’s mobile games industry has grown by leaps and bounds, with insights from some of the country’s industry leaders.

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